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Maternity Pillow for Back Pain 2015-11-23T13:04:34+00:00

Did you know that around 75 of pregnant women will complain about back pain to their physicians? Back pain during pregnancy can be very uncomfortable. It hinders you from getting enough sleep. In turn you become cranky and very tired during the day. As a pregnant woman you need to get enough sleep and rest for you and your baby’s health. But with back pains keeping you up all night, a sound sleep becomes very hard to achieve.

Use Maternity Pillows To Manage Back Pain

Using maternity pillows when sleeping can help relieve and even avoid back pains during pregnancy. To fully utilize the benefits of using pregnancy pillows, it’s better to fully understand what is causing your nerve wracking back pain.

There are 2 types of back pains that a pregnant woman may experience. First is it may be due to normal back pain caused by bad posture, poor health, and stretched ligaments. The second type of back pain is caused by something called PGP or Pelvic Griddle Pain. This kind of pain is caused by your pregnancy.

How Maternity Pillows Prevent Back Pain

As your belly starts to grow, your physician may advise you to sleep on your left side. This posture allows your spine to align with your neck and body. This improves blood circulation too. But our body is not designed for sleeping in this position specially with a growing uterus. This is where maternity pillows become very useful.

Most maternity pillows are designed for side sleeping. It cushioned your body in a way that your muscles are relaxed even when you are sleeping on your side. A maternity wedge lifts up your belly to relieve your back muscle from carrying all the weight. A pregnancy pillow can also be used to lift your right leg by straddling it in between your legs.

A comfortable sleeping posture helps you get the sleep you need. With the help of maternity pillows you can avoid back pain, leg cramps and other muscle pain when you wake up the next morning.

Suggested Maternity Pillows for Back Pain

Here are some of our suggested maternity pillows to relieve back pain during bed time.

  • Memory foam pregnancy pillow. This is a popular type of filling for a maternity pillow. It’s great because it has the right softness and stiffness and also keeps a stable couture on the pillow for long hours of sleep.
  • Full body pregnancy pillow. A full body pillow is something a huge pillow that supports your neck, back, tummy and leg. Some pregnancy body pillows are also designed for nursing which is very useful after giving birth to your baby.
  • Wedge pregnancy pillow. A maternity wedge pillow is a small pillow you slip under your belly while sleeping on your side. It lifts the weight of your belly so your lower back and shoulder does not have carry all the weight of your growing tummy. It’s usually used in combination with other pillows for neck and head support, and another set of pillows for back and leg support.
  • Chiropractic pregnancy pillow. This is best if you have serious problem with leg cramps, and other medical conditions contributing to back and muscle pain during pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy pillow Snoogle. This is a type of a full body pregnancy pillow. We put it here because of its popularity and good feedback from mums who have been using the product.

If you are looking to buy a maternity pillow that is just right, you can find them in our online store.